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Roulette smallThatcher Roll: A delicate roll made with only ground lean chicken, filled with broccoli and carrots and topped with saute leeks.





fujimori (2)Fujimori : Seared yellow fin tuna steak topped with shrimps. Comes with high protein quinoa patties.





mahi_mahi_in_gaspacho_sauceNahanee: A delicious wild caught Canadian Haddock and cooked to perfection with a
hint of coconut flavor.




truman truthGorbachev: Rainbow Trout or Salmon (responsibly farmed). Slow cooked and packed with all its flavors and served in a single whole fillet.




wok longWok Long : An asian style dish made from fresh bok choi, fresh ginger root, carrots and Enoki mushrooms and chicken topped with black sesame seeds.




calypso chicken_recipeCalypso : Chicken breast marinated in Jamaican style seasoning sauce made of Strong spices, Turmeric and lime.





parmaParma : Chicken breast with Italian herbs and marinara sauce topped with authentic 100% Italian parmesan cheese.





caribbean chicken smallMustafa : A chicken favorite bathed in a mustard sauce made from only fresh and natural ingredients.





foxtexEnchilada: A Mexican spicy chicken wrap made 100% wheat free and corn free wrap.





LUVLUV : A tasty new version of a meat loaf with no fillings, only 100% extra lean sirloin beef.





chili (2)Chili Con Carne: A mexican classic with all the right amounts of protein, carbs and fats specially designed for our customers.





XLean Stuffed  smallPaleo: An extra lean juicy burger stuffed with earthy mushrooms and vegetables and served over a portabella mushroom cap.





zweet zue 2Zweet Zue: Not the traditional stew, nevertheless this is a very tasty eye of round stripped from its already low fat content and dipped in a puree sauce of sweet roots like sweet potatoes, carrots and turmeric.




truman truthTrueman: A 180 gram steak grilled to medium rare that satisfies any outdoor BBQ fan.





Coconut Curry ShrimpsCocoCari: A Thai inspired shrimp dish with a kick of spice. Shrimps are baste in a coconut cream based with turmeric and mild hot spicy flavor.




straonoffStroganoff : A traditional russian dish made with strips of lean beef and marinated in a creamy low fat sauce.





All meals are made to meet 40 grams of protein, are low in fats and all fats are
essentially from unrefined sources. These meals are carb controlled and are naturally
low in sugars.

Breakfasts and Snacks
Kika’s pancakes : A fluffy sweet potato pancake, sweeten by nature and hand crafted to give you energy all morning long. It’s 100% gluten free and doesn’t need syrup because it comes topped with raw creamed honey.
Muffin: A gluten free muffin made with only whole ingredients. Type of muffin changes occasionally; from fresh fruits, flowers, leaves to cheese flavor.
Das Crunch: A hearty cereal or snack, perfect for any lifestyle. Made with natural unprocessed sugars, high in fiber and dense mineral content.
Beets n’ bits: The ultimate cheating brownie that is authentically healthy and highly nutritious. Made from real beets and raw cocoa, the melting bits of chocolate in the brownies will turn every bite into a divine surprise.
Greek mini tart: The perfect dessert for dieters. Very low in carbs, yet tasty with a tangy flavor, its creamy texture will delight and refresh any palate.
Avoin Oats : As simple as Canadian harvest oats, but with a personalized touch of the season. This hot or cold cereal are a staple turned into a mystical tasty experience from other far away places.


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