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Cooking for a Change

Needless to say, we are aware of the need to change the way we eat if we want to save ourselves and the environment. Changing more than 50 years of eating habits and the way food has been related to our health is extremely challenging for most of us. Our recipes are not about adding more fiber to our diet, or less sugars and fats; that would be easy to do.Roulette small

You & I Cook is a place where people can get a helping hand on how to start with a conscious living and a mindful way of using food ingredients in simple recipes to follow that slowly sets us free from our old eating lifestyle. Promoting health and wellness, for us as individuals as for our environmental ecology. You & I Cook is not necessarily “organic” brand or about “Natural” even though all ingredients that conformed the recipes here are from a natural source.DSCN6979

We won’t make it hard for anyone starting to engage a healthier lifestyle, we respect everyone’s food preference, because everyone is different in style and in biology. Reason why we don’t commit to meatless trends or veganism, paleo or any other diet trend. At You & I CookXLean Stuffed  small you can follow any diet or trend with a sense of responsibility of what the person is preparing and eating.

Empowerment stars here, and learning that by adopting even one seemingly small and simple sustainable food habit can make a huge difference in promoting a more sustainable food system.

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