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6 July, 2015

Seasonal Preserve and Jam

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June-July is the season for some wild apple fruits.  I have a Coccinella crab apple tree in my back yard that is a great giver. From early spring it delights us with its beautiful pink flowers, to late July with tiny edible rose red apples.  This Coccinella crab apples are tangy and bitter to taste when raw, but make a great additive to jams, jellies and preserves.

I picked this combination of coccinella and peaches to lighten up the mild flavor of the peaches. I decided to share this recipe because of its sensational outcome. Delicious with biscuits, breads and on ice-creams as well.

Ingredients: (Makes tow 6 once container)

3 cups of peeled peaches, cut into large wedges or pieces.

2/3 cups of Coccinella crabapples

900 grams of Lantic jam & jelly mix


1. In a stove pot put in the coccinella crab apples and cover with water. Boil for 10-12 min or until most water is evaporated.

2. Strain to remove all pits and skin. Place the pure that comes from straining the apples into a stove pot and add the pieces of peeled peaches.  At this point you may add a strip of any citrus peel to add a hint of the citrus fruit. I added a strip of a grapefruit and it made a special difference.

3. Add the Jam & Jelly Mix and cooked at medium heat for few minutes or until  drop can be seen from the spoon. (see picture)jam drop

4. Once the peaches are soft you can either leave the chunks and make preserve of you can try smashing the fruit with a smasher to make a jam. Don’t forget to remove the strip of citrus in this case.

jampedazo toronja






5. Let cool down a bit and fill glass containers with lid and store in the refrigerator.


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