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12 February, 2015

To be healthy or not to be healthy

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Going clean on processed foods is the most important start to detox your body from whatever has poisoned it. Almost 95% of all known disease are created by the environment we live in… We consume food every day many times a day, that is a sure way we get sick, temporarily or permanently. But when we commit to a non processed and clean lifestyle we change what we think is a permanent condition to a temporary one and then to never feeling sick or acquiring a disturbing condition. Everything in our food affect everything in our body; from bacteria, nutrients, parasites, pesticides, toxins, calories, additives, all in it has a profound effect in each single cell in our body. All accumulates over time to totally make us or destroy us. Our foods determine how we live our life, how we feel, think and determines our possibility of survival. The building stones of our health starts in the kitchen. There is no magic pill for a cure, and only some treatments are good if the foundation of a truly healthy diet is understood. What is natural to us humans has been forgotten, and to the point that our future generations don’t know how to be humans, or how to strive. We have erased our codes and our identity within nature. We have come upon solutions to our problems excluding Mother Nature’s knowledge. By becoming too efficient as a society,we have become negatively effective, stagnating our natural evolutive path. Evolution cannot be possible on artificial grounds; we need our body to evolve. Is in this what we are here for?

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