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11 November, 2012

Best Granola Ever

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 (about 5 servings)
3 handful of roll oats
1 handful dry cranberries
1 handful raisins or mixed berries
2 handful shredded coconut all natural unsweetened
4-5 tbsp of chia seeds
1 handful of shaved almonds
3 tbsp of blackstrap molasses or malt barley (*)
4 tbsp unpasteurized honey*
2 tbsp turbinado sugar
1-2 tbsp coconut sugar*
2 heaping tbsp all natural creamy  peanut butter.
 Many people want to know how they can improve their breakfast in a healthy way, so I have an idea: dump   that box of cereal and make you own clean, powerful and quick cereal that will boost your health and keep you  strong all morning. ( check out the health benefits  and tips at the end).


Mix all ingredients using your bare hands.  Spread over a cookie sheet or shallow baking pan and bake at 300 degrees for 30 min.  Keep in mind that for a perfect crisp and brown you will have to stir and shake it every 10 min.
Turn oven off and leave the granola inside the oven until it cools, this will give it an extra crispiness.
Enjoy with your favorite clean** milk or with your homemade kefir or just eat out of a bag.

*Barley malt is a health food you can purchase at any health food store.  It taste like malt, it adds great nutritional value to your recipes and you can use it as for pancake syrup, to make delicious malt shakes or just to sweeten about anything.
* Unpasteurized honey= raw.  But really, you can use your favorite brand.
*coconut palm sugar is the best sugar there is for diabetics.  Even though this recipe is not intended for diabetics, it’s good to use sugars with a low glycemic Index.  Yes, you heard me, sugars with low glycemic index.  Coconut palm sugar, barley malt and the blackstrap molasses, besides having a low glycemic Index, it provides you with many minerals and other health benefits.  Coco Palm Sugar tastes like sugar with coconut aroma! It’s truly heavenly.
You can buy coco palm sugar at health food stores, over the Internet or if at first you can’t  find it or don’t have the time, just substitute for turbinado sugar.

You can make enough to store for 15 days! You will not only save lots of money but will also give you tons of health benefits like:
Improve bowel movements
Cleans the body of toxins
Stimulates the spleen (specially if you substitute one of the dry berries for ginger crystals bits, yummy!
Fights stomach cancer
It provides with plenty of omega-3 fatty acid
Lots of fiber, calcium, magnesium, natural vitamin E, etc, etc…

** If you are into the milk habit, then consider drinking it raw from grass fed cows but previously boiled for 1 minute. Unless you have a cow in your house, a very clean one, that you can literally drink the milk the same day you milk her, I don’t recommend drinking raw milk without boiling it.

If you want to know more about the health benefits of these amazing ingredients, search the web or just try out this recipe for breakfast for 4 weeks and please get back to me with all the things this has done for you and your family.  Remember, for optimal health the ingredients have to be the ones that are mentioned in the recipe, all 100% pure and natural, so always read labels and ingredients of the products you buy.

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