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12 November, 2013

GMO’s Updates 2014

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Here is the latest list for you to remember every time you go shopping for grocery. Is a good idea to read labels and avoid GMO’s. Why?? because it’s not green. If you keep track with the latest environmental and health news, you’ll know how the new modifications in organism and bacteria, done in our natural food today, have endangered many species important for life in the planet. And because we are no different in the feeding chain, it will be impossible to achieve optimum health; our health will be endangered too. Take a look at the spurs of diseases in the past 30 years, when all this craziness about modifying food started to commercialize; it looks like we are endangered too. There is plenty to do to stop this problem, you can engage just by not buying these lab made organisms. If you buy from the companies that support the use of GMO in food, then you will be supporting them in the use of GMO’s, and giving them the power to do more harm to world health and putting in danger our natural resources.
You won’t find products labeled “It contains GMOs” because the laws on labeling products with GMOs are still in Washington. So I made a list of the typically genetically engineered foods and made few comments. Hopefully in the near future ALL products out there will be labeled with GMO content; you can make this possible by subscribing and be alert to future voting calls against GMOs in here

Because is impossible to know the outcomes of theses Genetically Modified Organisms in our health, science and new research are trying to decipher which of the following modifications are safe and which are not. It will probably take many humans generations to know the truth. Is up to the consumer’s discretion to choose wisely to avoid health problems. Why risk your life, say NO.

Papaya. 80% of the papaya grown in Hawaii is GM to resist a mold that grows on the fruit.

Potato. It was GM until 2001. It was removed from the market because the food industry stopped buying it. Nothing was said to us consumers of course; and then modified again and then removed again in 2013. For goodness sake! they are doing it again and again.

Zucchini and some other squashes. 13% in 2005 (goodbye zucchini!)

Some apples. Canada and the US signed and agreement to allow in 2012 the new Arctic or Nordic Apple produced by Oknagan Specialty Fruits.

Corn. All corn has been GM with unknown genes; it produces a toxin called BT that kills bugs instantly when they bite on the corn in the crops fields.

Soy. 90% of soy in the world has been GM with mice DNA. Infant formulas based on soy were prescribed to infants with allergies to milk as an alternative in the past. Today, most infants are now allergic to soy as well.

Beets. In 2011 half of the sugar consumed in America and Canada is made with sugar beets which is now been contaminated with GMOs.

Commercial cheeses. In 1999 approximately 60% have been made with Rennet, the substance that curds the milk to make cheeses and so the Rennet, contains bacteria that has been GM.

Livestock fed with GM crops and grown with Bovine Growth Hormones. Research has stated is not safe for animals or humans.

Salmon. In 2012 the Atlantic Salmon has been GM by cross breeding it with trout genes. This is been done in US and Canada and is already showing dangerous growth of bacterias and parasites in the fish. The latest creation of the so called Frankenfish is now been sold in all supermarkets.

Tomatoes. Tomatos, tomaitoes… all the same to the eye of the consumers but different in nature.

Rice. Some rice containing human genes is to be grown in the US for developing countries to treat infant diarrhea. What about cross-polinization? Don’t we all live in the same world?

Honey from Canada. Bee growers locate hives in or near canola crops which is GM now. Bees are in trouble now, and you will hear is for other reasons that the bees are dying, of course, different from the Canola flowers containing GMOs. Nobody wants to be caught guilty, right?

To understand GMOs you don’t need a bachelor’s in Science. There is a misconception and confusion about GMOs and many good sites are just way to dense, boring and complicated for the regular food consumer. Information is given by bits and just nothing makes real sense. Nevertheless, If you don’t know by now the difference between Genetically modify and Genetically Engineering, you are missing a big part of information about life and your health so I highly recommend you to do some homework and research on this.

Initially, GM is not a big deal when its natures made; the problem today is that scientists with great skills are mutating DNA from different spices of plants and live animals all together. Such is the case of soy, that has been altered with mice genes . Pretty dangerous stuff in my opinion and the opinion of many experts on trans-genetic science. Viruses, fungi and bacterias come into play in the transformation….bhla bhla bhla….. Then we eat these new GM foods, they enters in our guts, then the new specie of organism is sometimes not recognized by our immune system creating toxins and BOOM! guess why you have that chronic inflammation and you are sometimes puffed up. If you are very young, or lucky enough to have not damage your intestinal linen with today’s processed foods, then maybe, MAYBE! you will become a case study in the future. Here is a short that might interest you.

GMO Awarness: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yq0HMBQfdI0

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