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22 August, 2013

Apple Syrup

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Apple syrup is easy to make and is a great substitute for the conventional type of syrup bought in stores.  Even though the best syrup option for your pancakes is honey, due to its lower GI and other healthy benefits, apple syrup can be an alternative for those sensible to honey like small children and those allergic to most flowers.

I made this syrup with miniature apples, called crab apples, from a neighbor’s apple tree.  It took me some time to select the ones not bitten by insects, but it was worth the effort because the taste was heavenly good!

Apple Syrup

about 1 pound of apples, unpeeled.3/4 to 1  cup turbinado sugar.100_1593

1 teaspoon organic ground cinnamon.

1/2 teaspoon organic whole cloves.

crab apples

Place the pieces of apples or whole crab apples in a medium pot. Cover with water enough to slightly cover the apples. Boil at high temperature until apples are tender and water has reduced a bit.  lower heat to medium and stir in sugar, Cinnamon and cloves. Cook uncovered for about 15 min. or until a smooth or a sticky texture is achieved. For a more dense and darker syrup, cook longer . Remove from stove and remove all chunks and peels from the remaining apples.  Let it cool completely before placing the syrup in a jar. Refrigerate.crab apple tree


This syrup can be used, not only on pancakes, but for ice creams and other desserts as well.  Try it alone or as a substitute for jelly.

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