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17 August, 2013

ECHINACEA: The Immune Developer

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Grows in garden

Grows in garden

Echinacea is native from North America and is commonly known as purple coneflower, is an herbaceous perennial plant with four species and six varieties. This popular plants widely known to strengthen the immune system, it has also been used historically in North America by indigenous people as a medicinal herb. It’s also used as wild edible food and provides nutrition in addition to many health benefits. Tip on using Echinacea: If taken for a long period of time, might actually debilitate the immune system. Use Echinacea on and off before and during cold seasons. Use leaves in salads mixed with spinach and other greens.

Identify it by its leaves.

Identify it by its leaves.

Preparing  your own Echinacea remedy is simple:

Note that you will need pure vodka for the preparation.

Use the roots of the flowers.  So cut the flower stem 10in from the ground and then pull out the roots. Wash the roots thoroughly and cut into pieces.  Put the dried echinacea root in the jar.  Ideally fill the jar about 3/4 full with dried root.  Pour in vodka until the echinacea is covered by 2-3 inches.  Put on the lid.  LABEL THE JAR with the contents & date. It should be ready for use in 3 to 4 weeks.

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