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30 July, 2013

The Most Powerful Detox and Fat Burner

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Even though the body has its own way to detoxify, we are living the times where our body needs a little help  from us to do the job thoroughly.  It takes time for our body to digest today’s super harsh chemicals in food, drugs and water, in fact, it cannot processes many of them, leaving the body with a huge burden and many toxins that are deposited in fat cells, tissues and organs. By following a good detox plan every once in a while, we are providing our body with the nutrients that will help it get ride of all the toxins that keeps most people from loosing fat, keeps them tired, depress and at a very high risk of developing disease.

The path you take to accomplish a full detox depends of the type of plan you choose.  Not all detoxes can really detox your body, there are many scams and others are just simply inefficient and others very expensive. The Gerson Institute puts together the one and only true and intensive detox plan that works for everybody. Depending on your particular health needs, there is a Gerson detox plan for you.

Because I try to keep myself in a fairly good body detox mode, I like to follow a  7 day detox plan consisting of  raw vegetables and few fruits for 2 days followed by a juicing for 3 days and then finally another 2 days of raw veggies. Always remember to buy your veggies and fruits organics, otherwise you will be putting back in all the contaminants that you are trying to get ride of with the detox.  After choosing and buying my veggies, I spend some time carefully scrubbing and washing them with water and a vinegar solution. Then I eat my veggies raw in all meals, and only raw veggies for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2 days to prepare my body for the “shock”. Then comes the shocking part consisting of special blend of vegetable juices; I drink 4 oz  juice every 1.5 hours with 6oz water and for 3 whole days. The 2 last days are like the first 2 days of the plan.

There are some negative side effects of doing this detox; for example, you might feel general malaise, fatigue, headaches, flu symptoms and nauseous.  The reason for this is because the body is moving around lots of accumulated toxins in the body. These symptoms occur depending of the levels and types of toxins in your body.  But all symptoms should go away at certain point during the detox or after.





One word about juicing. To properly do the juicing you have to consider that not all veggies and fruits are recommended and the mixture you create is very important in order to avoid creating toxins while digesting the juice.  Many people wanting to better the taste of their drink, might add a fruit like a banana, this is actually not a good choice. That is why I recommend reading into the detox plans from the Gerson Institute. Here is a link you might find useful if you ever want to venture yourself into the amazing detox experience feeling.



proper juicing

proper juicing


Sorry for not posting any of the food preparation, but because not everyone is in the same path nor have the same taste bud, I don’t publish recipes for the raw eating or juicing. If you ever need to put up a recipe for this purpose, feel free to contact me and I will make the recipes specially designed for your situation or needs and according to your preferences.


Wishing YOU the best in health,

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  • July 30, 2013 at 7:44 pm

    Great post. Will try this soon.


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