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31 May, 2013

Respect The Beef

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Most of us are already familiar with the importance of fatty acid in our diet, but are you getting the right proportion? How much of omega-3, 9and 6? You might just consider taking the short cut and buy the 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids all in one bottle and that will do the trick; but not really.

What’s important is not in the amount, but the ratio we consume in each meal.

Now a days most Americans have ratios that are 20:1 (Omega-6 to omega-3) fatty acid. There is evidence and lots of research done that when the ratio exceeds 4:1, chronic diseases are measurable. No wonder nearly everyone has a condition of one kind or the other.

Think about a traditional American meal. Let’s say, a plate of stake, potatoes and green beans. Even though it sounds like a well balanced meal, this dish is, in most of the cases, highly inflammatory. with an inflammation factor (IF) so high it can actually awaken any of your bad genes. Potatoes are medium high inflammatory, green beans are neutral and the beef…, here is the thing, if is not grass fed, is also highly inflammatory! Why?… Because it has been fed with grains that are highly inflammatory. One thing leads to another. Cows fed an inadequate diet produce meat and milk poor in nutrients, that has basically no Omega-3, selenium, vitamin E, etc. And therefore medium to highly inflammatory. Let’s say you eat the same plate mentioned before, but this time with grass fed beef. well, at least you will be balancing out the IF(inflammatory factor). We need to eat a well balanced meal, right?, well you all know what it takes now. Next time you go shopping for beef, request always that it comes from grass fed cows, if there is no grass fed, and you still hungry for any juicy stake, chances are you’ll be eating from a sick cow. Cows get sick if they are deprived from their natural pasturing behavior. Cows are made to eat grass, not grain!  Grass fed beef is usually healthy, even heart healthy! Is anti inflammatory and if combined properly, you can enjoy a healthy balanced meal.

Here is a tasty and easy recipe for beef lovers:

 Oven Roasted Beef


Lean grass fed round beef.

Balsamic vinegar

Fresh rosemary and thyme

Dried Organic Oregano leaves

Grape seed Oil

Pink salt or sea salt and crushed black pepper.


In a large container, place the beef and shower with the vinegar and a bit of oil to coat the beef. Add chopped thyme and rosemary leaves. Let it marinate over night.

Next day, preheat oven to 400 degrees. Add the rest of ingredients and sprinkle enough salt to cover slightly all over the beef round.  Do the same for with the pepper.

Place the whole beef on a roasting grill and cook for about 45 min. or until center is pink (not red).


Remove from oven and let it stand for 1/2 hour before you slice the beef.

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