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Best Granola Ever!
And YOU thought the incidence of harmful bacteria in chicken or poultry had improved in the U.S.
Are you and your family punished by the constant gossip that drinking milk is only for babies??? And where is my milk?!!!!!!
The US is not the fattest country in the world anymore!!!!....Why is this other country struggling with obesity and disease if their traditional diet is FISH!?...Watch this video to find out.
New FDA aproved food plate!?....We are almost there in our quest for health.

You & I Cook is proud to be the first and only personalized and interactive cooking show. In addition to bringing about any delight to your table, We offer you a sensible solution that goes beyond a recipe scheme.

Warning: YOU & I Cook might hurt with the truth.  If you are the type of person that can not handle the truth and that only likes to see and hear pretty things, then stop reading and log off this page.This is not an ordinary diet/nutrition/weight loss program nor a hype trendy Eco-green, raw foodist , health homeopathic freak or nutritional fitness Whatever selling site.  Here we take care of YOU, no matter your age and lifestyle, we deliver all the necessary information you need to control your health and reach your goals.  Here we give you the tools for a lifetime that will take you to another level, improving your health and performance!
YOU & I COOK is an eye opener, we don't hide anything or miss out any information about health and food.  We encourage YOU and everyone who joins to prepare food the easy and simple way, but like a chef, without sacrifying  taste or important time. We pay attention to every detail, from food shopping, preparation or cooking, eating and digestion and all the way to the end.  Get the picture? There is no such thing as leading a healthy life just by Knowing some healthy tips. It's like throwing a boat in the water without no one on board, believe me, if you don't know how all of these aspects work together, your ship will sink, and your health with it. We empower YOU with the latest, scientifically-proven methods to understand the chemical reactions your food has when cooked or mixed. How does this impacts your body? We think you should know this. Take control of your health.

This powerful and easy to make cereal will boost your health and keep you strong all morning.
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